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Our Pledge

At Qual-Econ U.S.A., Inc. we care about the well being of our customers. Our goal is to focus on special cleaning needs and engineer proven solutions that will benefit you. As a service provider we maintain a commitment of excellence in daily performance, quality control, and professionalism. Our pledge to you as a valued customer includes:

100% Satisfaction
Our primary goal is to always respond with the best service available. Until you are totally satisfied, we are not happy. We diligently strive to apply all technical advances in cleaning management and work to overcome all cleaning obstacles.
Guaranteed Professionalism and Reliability
All of our helpers are hand picked. We trust them completely in every area. Not only have they proven honest and hard working, but they are thoroughly trained. No one is just turned loose in your building. We guarantee regular supervision and inspections.
Attention to Detail
Anyone can make a quick pass through a building and call it clean. We clean behind the doors, in the corners and under the desks. By thoroughly cleaning each area, we pay close attention to details that are often neglected by other janitors.
Provide Total Service
Keep janitorial closets organized and clean
Notify management of plumbing problems, inoperable building equipment, or defective lights
Notify management immediately of any security breaches or maintenance emergencies
Refrain from blocking any exterior doors
Secure all exit doors while cleaning
Deny entrance to any visitor unless pre-approved by management
Close exterior windows prior to leaving
Lock all designated doors
Prompt Follow-up
Because we are a service company, we strive to stay in close touch. Not only do we inspect your building regularly; we phone or visit you to encourage feedback.