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Family-owned and operated since 1985

Servicing the Reno-Sparks area for 27 years, Qual-Econ is Northern Nevada's premier janitorial service. During this time we have acquired the experience to satisfy even the most demanding clients. For the past 27 years, we have developed the ability to do high volume, high security buildings. We have built our business based on referrals and we are constantly changing to meet the demands of our clients.

Process Cleaning for Health

Process Cleaning for Health is a revolutionary management based cleaning system set in a zone environment with emphasis on cleaning customer and staff spaces for health. We begin by using an individualized coded map to designate where the custodian is to perform his or her cleaning duties on a nightly basis. We then divide the cleaning area into four quadrants. Each night they will perform extra, deep cleaning for health in a predetermined Quad Cleaning area.

Simply the best!

Qual-Econ U.S.A. strives in being the best janitorial company in Northern Nevada, covering every aspect of cleaning for our customers. Qual-Econ has the ability to deliver and surpass your highest expectations.